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Koi Care Kennel Bifuran

Koi Care Kennel Bifuranis a mixture of Nitrofurazone (80%) and Furazolidone (20%). Bifuran possesses bacteriostatic, bacteriocidal and antimicrobial properties useful for treating and controlling bacterial and sporozonoan diseases. It is indicated for the control of Aeromonas spp.,Vibrio spp., and other bacterial pathogens. Bifuran treats external diseases AND internal (systemic) diseases. It is meant to be used as a total pond treatment and is not effective as a bath or a dip. It is very effective for controlling ulcers, fin rot, mouth rot and tail rot. Bifuran is a very effective total pond treatment. Bifuran will be an additional ingredient in DebrideRX medicated food starting in mid-2006. Bifuran is a very cost effective treatment for koi and goldfish. When used as a total pond treatment, 100 grams treats 1,000 gallons. 1 kilo (2.2 lbs.) treats 10,000 gallons. Available in 100 gram, 500 gram and 1 kilo jars.

Koi Care Kennel Bifuran Overview

Item Size Treats Max Pond Size
Koi Care Kennel Bifuran - 500 Grams KCK-BIF500G - Koi Care Kennel Bifuran - 500 Grams
$129.99 $109.99 | 20 Points
100 Grams 1000 Gallons Add to Cart
Koi Care Kennel Bifuran - 1 Kilogram KCK-BIF1KG - Koi Care Kennel Bifuran - 1 Kilogram
$209.99 $189.99 | 20 Points
1 Kilogram 10000 Gallons Add to Cart